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Building The Cantenna

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How the work was done

I was partnered up with Sherry for this assignment, she did a lot of the pre-can factoring, recording numerical values, general decision making and also made an amazing decorative bead sheath for the cantenna.  I also did a lot on the project – fabrication of four different models, drilling of holes, tripod design and we both made it to the campus for testing.

I learned that the hardest part of cantenna design is painting, I may be artistic but spray cans seem to be less forgiving than pixels.

Our cantenna was tested on Saturday.  We tried various types of adjustments, moving the tripod up and down, left and right, adjusting the leg lengths of the tripod, using the can with the adjustable slider, and testing both the slider design and the original design with and without the “can-stension”.  The final “can-traption: had a signal strength of about 73 db at around 300 ft.

Overall there was at least 10-15 hours of work compiled into the building of the cantennas alone.  We both worked very hard on this assignment and deserve high marks for our original design and well executed work strategy.